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Informational Business Proposal

 “Pazarville” is a project of the  "FA-EN-BI" d.o.o. company and its founder, Enver Šukurica.

“Pazarville” is designed  as a modern project on an area of 120 000m2 with over 150 projected urban plots on which it is planned to build 300 housing units and supporting facilities (office space with sports and entertainment facilities – mega market with a mini business center and the accompanying facilities).


About the company "FA-EN-BI" d.o.o.

The company "FA-EN-BI" d.o.o. is headquartered in Novi Pazar and its business activity has lasted for almost two decades. Up until now the company has had a wide range of business activities with an emphasis on investment in construction and real estate.




Europe, the Western Balkans, the Republic of Serbia.

Novi Pazar - center of the Sandzak region with about 700,000 inhabitants.



In km

Belgrade – the  capital of the Republic of Serbia


Skopje – the  capital of the FYRM


Podgorica – the  capital of the Republic of Montenegro


Sarajevo – the capital of The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Pristina – the capital of the Republic of Kosovo


Kopaonik– the largest winter tourist center of South East Europe


Airport - Kraljevo, Republic of Serbia




Location of the land

Neighborhood called “Parničko brdo” which is 2.5 km far from Novi Pazar, has a view of the slopes of the mountains Kopaonik, Rogozna, Golija and Turjak, the monastery “Đurdjevi stupovi”, as well as the larger part of the town of Novi Pazar. The land is located at about 600 meters above sea level and it is separated from the town by a several-decade old pine forest, which stretches over several hectares and is owned by the state, which is why this place is called "lungs of the city" and "Ruža vetrova".



Description Of The Project

In the attachment, there is also the information about the location which exists in all of the planning documents of the town of Novi Pazar (general and detailed urban plan), according to which on this location building can be done by the following structure:Po+Su+Pr+2Sp+Pk but in exceptional occasions Po+Su+Pr+4Sp+Pk,which means that if glued houses are built, then duplexes, triplexes or ,because of ideal slight slope of the terrain and house divisible vertically and horizontally with bottom and top entrance, business areas with sport - recreational and entertaining character could be built. This could be built on, in total, 50,000-70,000m2, depending on the project and the budget of the investor. However, if only blocks of flats where on one part of the plot was a business center with a hypermarket (Novi Pazar is the only town of its size in Serbia that doesn’t have a single shopping center), which would be a mini city, modeled like similar projects in other major cities, were built - it would be possible to build the entire 168,000 square meters. The land is legally property regular 1/1, it is the general detailed plan of the city and urban development have been resolved and it is possible to start with the project and works straight away.




Why to invest in Pazarville

Market Analysis

- Town of Novi Pazar has 150,000 inhabitants.

-Novi Pazar is a student town, center of the region which has a population of 700.000 people from the area.

-The region has the largest diaspora, hundreds of thousands of people in Europe and over 1.5 million in Turkey, which are in fact the best buyers of real estate in our region.

- Novi Pazar is one of the youngest towns in Europe. The town whose official average age of the population is 33 years, the town with the numerically significant population of young people young people, who are surely the future potential buyers of residential buildings.

- This is a town with traditionally the most expensive land in Serbia and interestingly with the most stable average price of housing in the country, in the last fifteen years, ranges from 900 to 1,200 euro / m2, but for office space up to 4,000 euro / m2.


We haven’t done the main project because we expect a business partner who would give his suggestion in line with his budget or an adequate buyer for the whole parcel. However, according to the eminent experts from the civil engineering industry:

- The cost of the system "turnkey" would be from 315 to 350EUR / m2 with paid utility taxes, and charges for a building permit, with no infrastructure, depending on the quality of construction, what would make a total investment of designing 120,000 m2 of 37,800,000.00 to 42,000,000 euro + cost of infrastructure (water, electricity and access roads whose financing would involve the local government – town too).


The cost with no infrastructure and land values expressed in euro

The minimum selling price in euro

Projected earnings in euro

Per m2

315 - 350

715 - 750

355 - 370

For 168.000 m2

52.920.000 - 58.800.000

120.120.000 -126.000.000

59.640.000 – 62.160.000


- The value of infrastructure (electricity, water, sewage and redevelopment of roads, depending on the agreement with the local government) would be in the range of 40 to 45 euro / m2 which accounts for 6.5% of the value of the total investment.

- The value of land is 5,000,000 million euro.



According to eminent experts in the area of real estate, this project is an excellent business opportunity.

Since residential property in Novi Pazar is sold on average at 900 - 1200 EUR / m2, houses - villas like the ones from our preliminary project plan (130 - 150 m2 and 220 to 250 m2 of area around each house), according to experts in the field of real estate, will be priced at a minimum of 130,000 to 150,000 euro. If a potential investor wanted a very quick sale the price should be decreased by 20 - 25%.Which leads to projected earnings of at least 355-370 euro / m2. Which would bring a profit of 59,640,000 - 62,160,000 euro for 168.000 m2.



Selling price under standard selling conditions in euro

Selling price – quick sales

House of 130 m2 in terms of fast sales in euro

House of 150 m2 in terms of fast sales in euro

Per m2

900 – 950 

715 – 750 

715 x 130 = 92,950

715 x 150 = 107,250

For 168,000 m2

151,200,000 – 159,600,000

120,120,000 – 126,000,000

750 x 130 = 97,500

750 x 150 = 112,500




Given that the project is ready for implementation (construction is permitted and the allotment is executed, the road network is completed without the final base).

The project is in the planning documents of the town of Novi Pazar. The project has no restrictions of any kind (mortgages, the prohibition of disposal etc).

The expected time for completion of the project should be at most 5 years from the commencement of works.

There is a possibility of completing the project in 3 to 6 separate stages, except that in the first phase infrastructure, sports, recreational and entertainment facilities, office space as well as part of the residential units, would be built.




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