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ID : 53410
Grad : Kopaonik
Datum unosa : 03/10/2015
Cena : Po dogovoru


Seise the unique opportunity to become the owner of a prestigious apart-hotel to be. You can sell or rent  its suites if you wish.  (70-100 euro per night).

Our company “Mujen” d.o.o is the owner of a 400 m2 parcel in the best location, with a permission to construct objects up to 1000 m2 net, that is around 20-25 suites. It is located in the centre of the biggest weekend settlement in Kopaonik, only 1350m away from the “Suncana dolina” cableway, with an organized transport by ski buses for hotel guests, located around 70m away from the parcel. It is important to know that architecturally and by its contents, “Mujen lux” wellness and  spa  is one of the best and most attractive mountain structures in the region (wellness and spa with an enclosed pool, a cafe,a restaurant, a conference room, a playground for children, a fitness room and  billiards room). More about it here:

The contents of the apart-hotel “Mujen lux” are argumentatively emphasized, regarding the closeness of the future structure to be built (70m), for it would be linked by hotel “Mujen lux”, and  the owner and the guests of the planned structure could use and enjoy all the contents of “Mujen lux”  that are mentioned above, without any expense for the construction of the same.


-The Republic of Serbia, Europe

-Kopaonik Mountain-the biggest tourist centre of Southeast Europe, with over 50km of regulated ski lanes (6 of which being FIS slalom lanes) and 24 cableways with a possibility of loading 36 000 skiers per hour, an altitude of 1770m and  the highest peak of 2017m, where the snow lasts for over 140 days a year on the ski lanes.

-280km away from Belgrade, the capital city, 90km from Pristina in Kosovo, 150km from Skopje (the capital of Macedonia), 330km from Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria), 300km from Podgorica (the capital of Montenegro) and 90km from Kraljevo, where the closest airport is located, thus representing the most serious tourist centre of both winter and summer tourism.



The structure is supposed to be the mountain type. For example, it might look like this:



-Offer no.1: According to the “a key in your hands” system, with 70% to you and 30% to us, with our land and completely your investment until the completion of authorization, which implies our logistics and unselfish help otherwise.

-Offer no.2: Your investment 100% until the authorization is gained.

While taking over the parcel in your name, you give us 100.000,00 euro and, when the structure is finished, you give us 3 (three) 27m2 suites.

-Offer no.3: Selling the parcel for 180.000,00 euro. Our obligation would be to provide the authorization for construction on 1000 m2, the necessary logistics, introduce you to the relevant factors as well as the supervision office and other services. We would also provide help during the construction, booking, and further selling.

-Offer no.4: Partnership investment, for example 50-50%. The division of the profit would be the same.


We are willing to hear your suggestions as well, while we insist that you should visit us. It would be a distinct pleasure to  be your host and to present Kopaonik to you as a serious tourist destination, and the very location of the structure to be.

Based on our experience (we have built and sold hundreds of suites in Kopaonik), we give you the following important references:

-The price of the “a key in your hand” construction  system in Kopaonik is 550-750 euro per 1m2, regarding the quality,

-The price of a finished, booked suite on the same location is 1450-2000 euro per 1m2,

-It is possible to sell during the construction- “ro bau” (immediately after finishing the top of the structure),

-Due to the land and the future structure being near to “Mujen lux”, it is possible to reach a higher price per m2, because of the possibility to use its contents, which is very important for the future buyers,

-The profit is the highest when the suites are furnished, because it makes possible to rent them until the very sale. You do not need to employ workers for the job, but the staff of “Mujen lux” can be used,

-The structure should be built according to the “a key in your hand” system, it should be booked, issued for less than 18 months (considering it is a mountain and the conditions are more difficult in winter), all the suites should be sold and the money invested regained, as well as the profit, for less than 21 month from the beginning of the construction,

-The profit should be between 70% minimum and 105% maximum, depending on the speed and the quality  of constructing, as well as  the competition.


The project is  financially profitable. It would be our pleasure to work together on this, and other future projects of “Mujen” d.o.o company. We possess many real estates in Serbia as well as in Montenegro. “Mujen” company also has a real estate agency in Belgrade, Kopaonik and Novi Pazar, and a real estate web portal which is one of the biggest in the region, and guarantees a quick sale of newly built structures- suites, and other real estates. The address is je www.mujen.rs.



“Mujen” d.o.o

The manager Enver Sukurica




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